SBM ITB lecturer, Prameshwara Anggahegari with her team, Dr. N. Nurlaela Arief, Melia Famiola Hariadi, Ph.D and Amilia Wulansari, M.Si., made a new achievement for SBM ITB. Prameshwara won the i5 Grant Competition for Innovative Pedagogy 2023, organized by the ASEAN PRME Chapter. Participants from several ASEAN countries, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, joined this competition. During an interview with the SBM ITB Marketing and Communication Team on Thursday (20/04/2023), Prameshwara shared her journey to winning this competition.

According to Prameshwara, the competition was swift. Before the competition, the participants attended a workshop focusing on five aspects that make teaching more enjoyable for students and people in general. The training session also aimed to provide participants with strategies to help their students go beyond achieving good grades and passing exams, by instilling in them a sense of social responsibility and a desire to contribute to their communities.

“After the workshop, we were only given one day to prepare presentations. I thought we would be given more time, but right after the second workshop, we had to compete the next day. So, I spent all night making presentation slides,” said Prameshwara.

In this competition, the SBM ITB team presented one of the subjects she taught, namely Social Entrepreneurship. In this course, students learn about sustainability issues affecting various communities, with 60% of the activities carried out in the field. In this course, lecturers act as facilitators, accompanying students to observe and learn from the community. This course has been running for over five years and is revised yearly.

“During those five years, we ‘disassembled’ the syllabus because we wanted to include many elements, including SDGs and the five points of Innovative Pedagogy, especially social engagement and active interaction,” said Prameshwara. “Learning should be fun; I use informal approaches to keep students engaged. Those things become a plus point in my evaluation for this competition,” she continued.

The Innovative Pedagogy culture itself is not new at SBM ITB. Prameshwara admitted that lecturers at SBM ITB were always challenged to think far ahead in developing the curriculum and how it would impact learning. In addition, the lecturers also try to make learning a turning point for students so that they not only learn in class but also could create a tremendous impact on society in the future.

“When someone empowers others, they will feel satisfied, fulfilled, and happy; that’s what I want students to experience and feel. I encourage students to carry out social activities such as going into society and volunteering; it will positively affect students. Not only to be written on a CV or as a portfolio but also mentally,” said Prameshwara.

Going forward, Prameshwara admits she felt increasingly challenged to continue learning and honing her skills through training and competitions, especially internationally. This enthusiasm is driven by her desire to keep up-to-date through more innovative teaching so that she can continue to help students learn in a fun and meaningful way.

Written by Student Reporter (Janitra Nuraryani, Management 2023)