Being a leader is an opportunity. That’s how Sylviana Maya Damayanti, M.A.B., Ph.D. views her new mandate as the Head of MBA Program Bandung Campus since early 2022. Maya revealed that one of the keys to dealing with the dynamics of life is to uphold integrity as a life principle.

“In my opinion, integrity is when we are responsible for our position and have a good attitude,” said Maya.

Maya completed her studies in Electrical Engineering at Sultan Agung Islamic University, Semarang, in 2002. Her collaboration with Prof. Muljo Widodo Kartidjo from the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology (FTMD-ITB) started when she was working on her final assignment, which led to the development of an unusual robot arm. Maya continued working with Prof. Muljo on unmanned vehicle research. Her involvement with the company’s management led her to complete her studies at the MAB ITB campus in 2006, becoming the only woman to do so. She joined SBM ITB as a lecturer in financial management in 2007, with a concentration on Digital Financial Literacy and Personal Financial Planning.

“Financial inclusion in Indonesia is high but not matched by financial literacy. Many people have saved money in banks, but many also don’t understand what balances, debits, credits, and so on mean,” said Maya.

Maya’s contact with financial planning began when she received advice from the late Prof. Surna Tjahja Djajadiningrat (Prof. Naya), dean of SBM ITB, in 2009. Prof. Naya asked Maya to study this concentration. On the direction of Prof. Sudarso Kaderi Wirjono, financial planning was included in the SBM ITB curriculum.

According to Maya, learning personal financial planning is applicable in everyday life. Financial planning starts with setting goals, taking steps, considering risks, and making decisions. Systematics can be used in everyday life. Financial management can also be applied directly by students after learning.

Maya emphasized that financial planning relies on psychology and human behavior. It is one of the basic skills in everyday life. The rapid development of these two disciplines required continuous learning.

Maya started her doctoral studies in business management in 2010 at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University, which further strengthened her love for teaching. Maya admits that the presence of influencers on social media to educate the public about financial literacy is useful. However, the task is even more challenging with digitalization in the financial sector. 

Therefore, she dreams of increasing financial literacy in Indonesia and ensuring that MAB ITB continues strengthening Indonesia’s education ecosystem by bridging the gap between theory and practice. Maya is optimistic that this dream is achievable with the support of colleagues, facilities and infrastructure, and collaboration with industry.

Written by Student Reporter (Aliva Rachma Delia, MBA YP 67)