Owen Jacob Notonugroho was officially inaugurated as the Chair of the Institut Teknologi Bandung-Masters of Business Administration Student Association (ASOMBA ITB) for the 2023 period on Tuesday (30/5). The position handover occurred at the MBA ITB Bandung Campus Building.

The inauguration took place through a symbol of handing over ASOMBA certificates and identity cards by the Chair of ASOMBA for the 2022/2023 period, Aliva Rachma Delia. The event was also attended by the Study Program Secretary, Indra Dewanata, M.A.B., and the Head of Student Affairs at the SBM ITB, Sonny Rustiadi, M.A.B., Ph.D.

Owen won the general election, held in April 2023, with 56% of the vote. The online election brought together three candidates for ASOMBA Chair who came from the Young Professional (YP) 68 C class. Through this inauguration event, Owen has a leadership period of 6 months. “Thank you to the members of the previous period for laying the foundation for ASOMBA in the next period,” said Indra, Secretary of the ITB Bandung Campus MBA Study Program.

ASOMBA was initiated by MBA ITB students from the Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (CCE) class. Their activities include MBA-CCE Night, Cihapit Market revitalization, sports competitions, seminars with senior filmmakers and actresses, and participating in national and international competitions. When the pandemic hit, ASOMBA was dormant and was only re-established in October 2022.

Written by Student Reporter (Aliva Rachma Delia, MBA YP 67)