38 MSME actors and the community around Cirata participated in Cirata tourism management and development training at the Cisabu PLN Nusantara Power Building, Cirata, Purwakarta, on Tuesday (12/12). The SBM ITB, and CINTA (Cirata Nature Technology and Adventure) PLN Nusantara Power Up Cirata held this training to improve the quality of tourism services and products in the area.

This training presented three presenters from SBM ITB lecturers, namely Dr. N. Nurlaela Arief, MBA, Santi Novani, S.Si, M.T, Ph.D and Atika Irawan, M.Sc from SBM ITB. Nurlaela delivered material about communication in service. She explained that good service must fulfill five RATER elements: responsiveness, assurance, tangible, empathy, and reliability.

“Customers are the biggest asset for a company. Therefore, it is important to provide good service to customers,” said Lala.

Meanwhile, Santi Novani delivered material about excellent service to promote the Cirata eco-tourism area. She explained that excellent service is interacting with actors (individuals, businesses, government) to provide mutual benefits.

“If we want customers to remain and come back, we must have a differentiator (unique selling point) and have excellent service,” said Santi.

Meanwhile, Atika Irawan delivered material about financial literacy. The point is that MSMEs can keep financial bookkeeping records properly and correctly so that there are no losses that don’t know where they come from.

“Make sure personal and business finances are separate,” said Atika.

At each final training session, participants are allowed to practice presenting their products. The presenters provided input and suggestions to improve the quality of the participants’ presentations.

With the new knowledge and skills obtained from this training, MSMEs and the community around Cirata are expected to be able to improve the quality of the services and products they offer so that they can attract more customers and tourists. This can ultimately improve the economy and welfare of the people in the Cirata area.

Akbar A. Utama, the Chair of the 20th Anniversary of SBM ITB, said that this training was part of a series of activities for the 20th anniversary of SBM ITB. He hopes this training can benefit MSMEs and the community around Cirata.

“So that it can improve the economy and welfare of the people in the area,” said Akbar.

Diah Karima, Finance & Administration Manager of PLN Nusantara Power UP Cirata, said that PLN fully supports this training activity. PLN is committed to improving the community’s economy around Cirata, one of which is through tourism development.

“This training is expected to provide knowledge and skills for MSMEs and the community around Cirata to improve the quality of tourism services and products,” said Diah.

Sirojudin, the Head of Ciroyom Village, West Bandung, welcomed this training activity. According to him, this training must be supported by all levels of society, especially for MSMEs and the community around Cirata.

“Change can’t come without a process,” said Sirojudin.

Written by Student Reporter (Fairuuz Fawwas Alfarizi T, Entrepreneurship 2024)