Designed for you who intend to start and run your own business as well as in fostering innovation in organization you engaged in, Entrepreneurship MBA is a program which not only focuses on supporting you with knowledge and skills but also with the mindset and attitude.

You will get full of hands-on experiences since the beginning of the program and team up with several like-minded students during your studies—–and may be, the co-founders with whom you will establish your future business! The lectures are delivered by faculty members who are mostly practitioners and entrepreneurs from various industries—from food, clothing, agriculture, to digital business.

Furthermore, we will help you tap into the resources you need whether you’re looking for mentorship, incubator program, funding or other resources from our network of industry experts in the country’s capital and business center, Jakarta.

Commencement date:
January and August
Length of study:
18 months

Class schedule:
In between 08.00—17.00

Total credits:
38 credits in 3 long semesters, 1 short semester

Course Structure

Stage 1: Initiation Business Plan (Interview)

Tell us the business of your dream. Submit a business plan—whether it is from your existing business or the one you plan to start soon. This is a part of our assessment of your eligibility to enroll in entrepreneurship MBA program.

Stage 2: Basic Business Management Skill

Learn the basic skills to perform managerial activities ranging from management, administration, entrepreneurship, to stewardship. This stage are applied in all SBM ITB MBA programs.

Required courses:

The realization of economy principles and methodologies to support a decision-making process, are discussed in this module. Underlining a competitive business strategy, this course unit endeavors to solve a range of decision-making issues in the real companies.

Unlike financial accounting which documents historical data within the investing financing- operating chain of events (not necessarily in that order) of a profit-oriented entity, finance acts upon the here-and-now of these activities.

This module is designed to provide a solid foundation for applying concepts and theories of marketing as well as to develop skills and knowledge in the managerial aspects of marketing.

This module equips students with an in-depth understanding on strategic management design. It involves a variety of strategic operation subjects from competitive advantage, forecasting, inventory management, aggregative planning, to supply management.

Consists of various practices in managing people in organization, this module encourages students to learn more about themselves in the working environment, in ways that are relevant to their interactions with others.

Stage 3: Planning Entrepreneurial Modeling

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Master the specific know-how needed for entrepreneur to develop a sustainable business.


Required courses:

Business Initiation is a course about knowledge and skill needed for creating a new business venture with good business ethics. It also encourages students to think strategically and pragmatically as a real successful entrepreneur should be.

It is a course about knowledge to manage a successful business with good business management skills and ethics.

This course is intended to provide knowledge to students in growing their ongoing businesses.

Stage 4: Running Business Startup and Developing

Equip yourself with broad knowledge of culture and creative industry, also implement the best methods in developing innovations for your business.

Required courses:

To introduce an interactive method of a decision-making system including game theory and confrontation analysis, aimed at enabling students to apply those strategies in the business world.

The course is for Full-Time MBA class with the learning goals for students as follows:
1. To be able to differentiate between operational effectiveness and strategic positioning
2. To be able to identify, analyze, and diagnose the external and internal business environments in relation to the strategic formulation
3. To be able to formulate the corporate and business strategy and the company’s policy in adapting to the environmental changes
4. To be be able to implement corporate and business strategy or to transform the strategy into reality by evaluating and controlling the strategy implementation.

This module is to analyze the central importance of business innovation and technology for competitiveness and to learn about international good practice in managing business innovation.

Final Project

At the end of the program, you will integrate all modules into a final project by conducting a case study of your company of choice.

Alumni Stories

SBM ITB has changed my mindset. Problem solving is the rationale thoughts that inspires me to make an idea. I have met awesome people to share about problems, we do brainstorming and this is how great idea is born. And I believe that the best product comes from solving people’s problem.

lutfi web
Lutfi Rachman
CEO, Wizhlizt

How to Apply

Annually, MBA ITB commence classes on August and January. Early preparation become the important step to enrol and start an embarking journey with MBA ITB.

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January Intake
December/January IDR 25,000,000
May (short semester) IDR 10,000,000
July IDR 25,000,000
December/January IDR 25,000,000
Total IDR 85,000,000
August Intake
July IDR 25,000,000
December/January IDR 25,000,000
May (short semester) IDR 10,000,000
July IDR 25,000,000
Total IDR 85,000,000


  • The tuition fee covers your entire academic activities in our program: course credits, course materials (excluding text books), field trip, career service & internship, also development activities managed by our program (business talk and business clinics)
  • Students who exceeded the limit of normal study period (3 long semesters and 1 short semester) will be charged with the following tuition fees:
    • Long semester: IDR 15 million/each semester
    • Short semester: IDR 10 million/each semester
  • All the tuition fees cannot be refunded in all conditions, including when a student fail to register or finish the program
  • SBM ITB reserves the right to adjust the above information