In responding to the preparation of online learning, according to the government’s recommendation that students learn from home. The readiness of universities by utilizing technology is a challenge, if they view Covid-19 as a test of how the ability of the campus to respond and how agility the university is in applying it, one example is the SBM ITB Campus. “As a smart campus, lecturers have been provided with methods for delivering online or online teaching using digital learning platforms,” said Prof. Utomo Sarjono Putro, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

To ensure that lecturers are ready to change teaching methods, from face to face to online, preparations are made by giving a Webinar workshop to remind them of the use of this method, in collaboration with the Directorate of Education Development ITB on 16 March 2020.

The Corona Virus outbreak caused a number of concerns, especially the campus was considered to be very vulnerable because a large number of students gathered.

“In addition to fanfare for teaching from a distance, of course the quality and readiness of the teaching staff is an important issue that also concerns SBM ITB, although we believe all teachers can certainly do online teaching, because this is not very new, but certainly with differences this generation is not all comfortable teaching staff, that’s why the need for equipping is needed so that all teaching staff are proficient in managing classes virtually and to guarantee the quality of teaching, “Utomo added.

“We also facilitate facilities and infrastructure at the MBA Campus to teach online, for teaching staff who have access and network constraints”

Meanwhile, Vice Dean of SBM ITB in the field of Resources, Prof. Aurik Gustomo added, “Of course the success of online teaching or any alternative will not succeed without the active participation of all parties, both teaching staff and education staff as supporters, we are optimizing this collaboration.”

“Not to mention that the campus must guarantee the name of assurance of learning to ensure that aspects of learning are conveyed, we work together to implement this.” Aurik added. SBM ITB has established online learning including lectures, tutorials, mentoring, field lectures, progress seminars. Then guiding the final project, thesis, dissertation. Includes proposal proposals, final project exams, thesis exams, and closed hearings

Learning methods use a variety of platforms, mainly Google Classroom. But for classes that already use other platforms, you can continue. Aurik added, “You can also use other support platforms for learning that are synchronous like video conference apps or social media”.

The final project guidance activity uses the online guidance platform at, email and other online platforms. As for the proposal exam, final project exam, thesis examination, closed session using video conference which is coordinated by the study program.


For students who have limited access to the internet, such as 100% UKT Subsidies and Bidik Misi students, Aurik added there is no need to worry, because SBM ITB will provide internet quota assistance of a maximum of 15 GB per month.

“We remain responsible that this online learning must include all groups of students, all students have access so that there are no obstacles in learning,” Aurik concluded.

Online Learning Guidance for Lecturers

Online Learning Guidance for Students

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