Written by Media Relations SBM ITB

  • As a preventative measure of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) on campuses, SBM ITB does disinfectant spraying in all campus environments. This activity co in both Ganesha Campus and Gelap Nyawang Campus.

    The preparation phase itself is quite simple that is vacating the room or area that will be sprayed. This activity becomes easier to carry out because since a week ago, all of ITB campuses have closed and restricted its use. in addition to emptying the room, each officer is also prepared with personal protective equipment i.e. masks, special glasses, and gloves. After spraying, the area that has been sprayed must be quieted down for 15 minutes for the evaporation process of the alcohol attached to the surfaced.

    The disinfectant substance used is a 98 with a ratio of 3: 1 (3 liters of IPA: 1 liter of distilled water). With 70% alcohol content, the disinfectant can function to eradicate the coronavirus attached to the surface of the object.

    Until now, spraying is still done in stages so that the entire campus’s environment is sterile from viruses or pathogenic microorganisms. Not only in Bandung, but SBM ITB under ITB’s policy will also spray the disinfectant in Jatinangor Campus. As a comprehensive effort, ITB has switched the lecture methods to online mode also limit joint activities in the campus area. SBM ITB hopes this effort can help the SBM ITB community to avoid the COVID-19 virus.

SBM ITB Actions Related to Covid-19