Written by Media Relations SBM ITB

A number of young lecturers from ITB initiated the manufacture of 200 liters of hand sanitizers which will be distributed free to hospitals in West Java. This is done to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19). “We think what is most needed right now, one of which is the hand sanitizer. Many people need a hand sanitizer but it’s hard to find. Even if there is, the price is expensive, “said Director of the ITB Business and Sustainable Fund Management Agency (BPUDL), Deddy Koesrindartoto in Bandung, Thursday (3/26/2020).

The initiation of the manufacture of hand sanitizers involved instructors from 3 schools in ITB, namely: School of Business and Management (SBM), School of Pharmacy (SF) and School of Science and Biological Technology (SITH). But apparently it is not easy to make a hand sanitizer. Not the manufacturing process, but rare raw materials, especially alcohol.

Fortunately, some Pharmacy School alumni colleagues have connections to several chemical suppliers. Although the price is higher because it is rare, they rush to buy it. “Those who want to buy (alcohol) are queued. Once they come they run out because they want to buy a lot. So we have to hurry, “he said. Located in MBA ITB Canteen which was transformed into a simple Laboratory, in just three days 200 liters of hand sanitizer was finished. A very fast time to make hand sanitizer that much with a small amount of labor.

The hard work did not feel heavy considering that there were many health facilities (health facilities), especially some hospitals that needed hand sanitizers in combating Covid-19. “Why did we choose the hospital? Because hospitals are the ones who need the most right now compared to the people. People who live at home can wash their hands with soap. Moreover, there are several reports that hand sanitizers in hospitals are lost by their places, ” he added.

Deddy said, every hospital, health center, clinic, would get five liters of hand sanitizer. A number of hospitals that have received it are RSHS, RSGM Unpad, Muhammadiyah Hospital, Labkesda, and Hasna Media Cirebon Hospital. “Of course, as many as 5L donations for several health facilities in Bandung and other West Java areas are far from the amount needed. We will continue to coordinate with friends in the health facilities, and if the needs are felt to increase, our team will be happy to reproduce according to our needs and production capacity “added Yulianto, one of the team members from SBM ITB. In addition to making hand sanitizers, he has prepared several more programs to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Hopefully, what is done by him and his friends at ITB inspire fellow lecturers or the community. It also opened itself to collaboration from home.

“Our spirit wants to help. Let’s do something so that (Covid-19) can be quickly resolved, “he said.


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