It’s been six months since SBM ITB decided to shift the learning process to an online method because of the pandemic of COVID-19. The past eight months is quite challenging, yet we still need time to improve our online learning method.

As a refinement process, SBM ITB has surveyed to get feedback from our students regarding the online learning that has been done in the last six months. This survey was distributed to all levels of study from bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree students. The result turns out to be quite satisfying since the students agree that they have developed several soft-skills even more during online learning. The skills are:

  1. Self-awareness, about 71 percent agreed
  2. Integrity, about 83 percent agreed
  3. Information searching skills, about 76 percent agreed
  4. Collaboration skills, about 59 percent agreed
  5. Motivation to always be present in the lecture session about 75 percent agreed
  6. Communication skills, about 39 percent agreed
  7. Leadership skills, about 49 percent agreed
  8. Creative problem-solving skills, about 64 percent agreed

This survey also showed that 60,5% of students agreed that SBM ITB could quickly and proactively respond to students’ needs and problems.

As an educational institution, SBM ITB must be agile and adaptive in various situations. The pandemic of COVID-19 that has persisted in Indonesia doing part of our mission, which is disseminating the knowledge of business and management to our students, also society. Therefore, SBM ITB produced more varied educational products through digital media platforms.

  1. Webinar Series

SBM ITB Webinar series is an online form of seminars that were usually held on campus. Bringing topics that correspond to the community’s current conditions, the SBM ITB Webinar Series was carried out in a more active and scheduled way by utilizing YouTube as the medium of communication with the audience.

  1. Podcast: SBM ITB Talks

Together with students, alumni, and our lecturer as our interviewees, SBM ITB Talks try to spread the values and knowledge to more people in a more casual way. Intimate and relaxed are the concepts of these learning products. We bring information and knowledge by doing interviews and discussions that are also warmly spoken by society. SBM ITB Talks is broadcast every Monday via YouTube and Spotify.

  1. Virtual Book for Students

Devoted to internal SBM ITB, E-book for students designed by SBM ITB is expected to facilitate the student in doing online learning. Through this virtual book, students will still be able to dig up as much knowledge as possible amid limited offline access.

Although we never planned to be in this situation for so long, these conditions also bring us to innovate and become better. Instead of focusing on the problem, let’s try to innovate for the betterment of ourselves and our environments.

SBM ITB Actions Related to Covid-19