Written by Media Relations SBM ITB

SBM ITB MBA program Berau Coal students delivered the Personal Protective Equipment/Alat Pelindung Diri (APD) to Dr. Abdul Rivai Hospital and Covid-19 Emergency Management Hospital in Berau, East Borneo. The APD delivered on Wednesday (8/4/2020) in the form of 100 disposable medical clothes and 35 medical clothes that could be sterilized by Sritex production.

“This action was initiated by the students because they saw the surrounding conditions. We then raise donations to collect donations from students, PT Berau Coal employees, and Berau residents gave good responses,” said Arif Hadianto Arif, one of the students’ representative. Until now they continues to raise donations. Because the aid will continue to be distributed in stages. “After APD, there will be masks, google and vitamins, all of which are still in the procurement process,” Arif said.

Main hospital/RSUD Berau which is designated as a referral hospital for handling Covid-19. They are facing this condition with limited medical facilities such as facilities and infrastructure, APD, and workforces. APD for medical staff, especially medical clothes and masks is limited. Medics also plan to use a raincoat as an alternative. Because APD supply is not enough. This condition moves the hearts of students. Because as the front guard, health workers get APD to keep them safe in carrying out their duties.

Starting in the internal classmates, they donated. Then they tried to raise donations to a wider circle, and the response was good. “There are several communities in the community who are doing the same thing, such as Kadin Berau, the association, so they agree to join the shade of the Berau Care Citizens Forum,” he said.

The aid was received directly by the Head of the Berau District Health Office, Iswahyudi. The medical clothing aid will be used by the medical team in handling Covid-19 patients. “Thank you very much for your support and attention to the medical team in charge. This APD will be very helpful, especially when personal protective equipment iurgently needed, “concluded Iswahyudi.

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