Entrepreneurship becomes an important issue in the economic sector anywhere, including in Indonesia. Both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship (entrepreneurship values implemented inside a corporation) become increasingly important in a dynamic environment.

Learning that there is a need for the development of entrepreneurship in Indonesia, SBM-ITB has made a group of experts in the specific program of study that explore the field of entrepreneurship, which in this case is associated with the management of technology.

In the learning process, knowledge of the actual practice of entrepreneurship is as important as the knowledge about the entrepreneurship theory. The results of these studies need to be managed in such a way that they can be consumed not only by academics but also by real entrepreneurs.

Therefore, to develop researches in the entrepreneurship field, it is necessary to develop international networks for research in order to share the insights of entrepreneurship and research methodology as well as being an ambassador of information about the state of entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

Body of Knowledge

ETM interest group covers the whole range of subjects, but are not limited to:


Research focuses related to entrepreneurship are:

• Micro entrepreneurship
• Meso entrepreneurship
• Macro entrepreneurship

Technology Management

Definition of Technology Management

  • Technology management can be defined as the integrated planning, design, optimization, operation, and control of technological products, processes and services. Wikipedia [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technology_management]
  • TM as ‘‘a process, which includes planning, directing, control and coordination of the development and implementation of technological capabilities to shape and accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of an organization’’. National Research Council (1987)
  • TM consists of planning, directing, controlling and coordinating the development and implementation of technological capabilities in order to shape and accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of an organization. (Cetindamar, D., Phaal, R., Probert, D. (2009), “Understanding technology management as a dynamic capability: A framework for technology management activities”, Technovation, Vol. 29, No. 237-246.)

Technology Management Framework

Source: Cetindamar, D., Phaal, R., Probert, D. (2009), “Understanding technology management as a dynamic capability: A framework for technology management activities”, Technovation, Vol. 29, No. 237-246.

Research focus related to technology management are:

  • Product development process and strategy
  • Technology commercialization
  • R&D portfolio management
  • R&D performance matrix
  • Management of technical and creative people
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Global Innovation
  • Innovation and design, including design thinking
  • Innovation and organizational culture
  • Innovation and sustainability across the triple bottom line
  • New modes of innovation, including business model innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, an open innovation
  • Intellectual asset management
  • Innovations of manufacturing, including Industry 4.0
  • Emerging trends reshaping R&D and innovation into the future


This field covers all research in the area of innovation, which includes studies on the nature of innovation, the different types of innovation, the process of innovation, the innovation strategy, innovation value chain, and delivering the value of innovation.

Research in this field also covers product development, which focuses on the form of managerial capabilities, methods, and strategies to achieve competitive value in a company with a new product. This field will discuss the company’s core technology, integrating the technology with business strategy, assessing the capabilities of the company’s innovation, technology life cycle, technology forecasting, technology commercialization, technology road-map, intellectual property, and technology implementation strategies as success strategy of product development.

Sustainable Business & Environmental Management

Sustainable Business focuses mainly on issues related to continuous improvement in how businesses are able to respond to the change in social and environment and drive themselves toward new future purposes and impact driver business.

Our research agendas related to this topic but not limited to

  1. Elaborating how businesses and institutions respond, thrive and grow while simultaneously solve the major changes which are taking place in our economic and social environment, particularly in Indonesia context.
  2. Exploring the business models and strategy toward the future and the new role organizations movement playing within society.
  3. Understanding the sustainability drivers in Indonesian businesses both large and small business
  4. Understanding the sustainability drivers in Indonesian
  5. Understanding Social entrepreneurship and social innovation challenges in Indonesian contexts

Bio, Creative and Digital based Business

Three industry sectors are emerging which are bio-industry, creative industry, and digital industry. To address these emerging industries, several research topics are raised:

  1. Bio, Creative and Digital business education.
  2. Bio, Creative and Digital business model.
  3. Bio, Creative and Digital public policy.
  4. Bio, Creative and Digital scale up.
  5. Bio, Creative and Digital startup.


Head: Dr. Leo Aldianto MBA, M.SAE.