Written by Melia Famiola, SBM ITB PRME Initiative Coordinator

What does the earth need from today education? It is none other than educating our future generations who are able to synergy work with the natural system

The COVID 19 Pandemic has proven our unpreparedness to anticipate the change.  As consequences we now are plagued by a variety of fears affect to many aspects of our lives.

SBM for the Earth provides a new enlightenment in the education system that business today and the future must be integrated with the nature system. To accomplish the mission for future generations who are studying in SBM, SBM understanding that learning is not limited by delivery of lecture material in classes by competent lecturers, but education should be developed as a holistic system between lectures and social ecosystem on campus. Campus should be a living lab for student to see the integration between the theories and real practices.

SBM for the earth is committed step by step creating an education ecosystem which are integrated by nature, both in curriculum as well as in campus ecosystem management

SBM for the earth currently has made significant efforts toward SBM zero waste 2025 and then go forward as circular economic implementing campus.  Below some SBM contribution to sustainable earth:

  1. Zero plastic waste from the SBM canteen. SBM ITB Canteen is not permitted to sell products could produce plastic waste as well as encourages its tenants: students and / or external communities to provide creative ways to reduce their plastic waste and educate their consumers to be more environmental friendly.
  2. Waste mapping and management; to become a zero waste campus, SBM tries to identify the characters of waste producing among SBM community and learns their behavior to treat their waste. The next stage of this strategy is to identify the appropriate waste segregation and management
  3. Energy consumption monitoring. SBM has been monitoring its energy consumption. In the future, SBM hopes able to use the big data of the monitoring to recommend the energy saving in the SBM environment.
  4. Student workshops of creative with waste and waste becomes products. the aim of the workshop is to encourage students see the waste as business opportunity.
  5. Gardening with companion planting approach; The earth needs our help to make new oxygen for us. With gardening we have assist for the earth to run its function. Furthermore, SBM gardening is also addressed to introduce the SBM community the benefits and opportunities behind the plants. Gardens are the starting point for SBM to build a living lab education ecosystem towards a circular economy, in the future we hope some concept like from garden to table could be implemented.

The SBM step towards a circular economy campus is still long way to go… but now we are in progress …becoming circular economy living lab campus is our dream..

Happy Earth day..

SBM ITB Actions Related to Covid-19