Operations and performance management is an area of management concerned with the process of transforming inputs (i.e., raw material, labor, energy, technology, information) into usable goods and services through sustainable processes (i.e., planning, design, execution, control). With a good operation and performance management, competitive cost, time, quality, productivity, and flexibility in delivering goods and services can be achievable.

Since operations and performance management becomes one of the core function in organization, this group is dedicated to perform academic activities in operations and performance management; research and service activities by integrating operations strategy, supply chain management, quality management, technology and information system, and performance management area to meet the needs of the value creation. It covers topics such as product strategy, supplier management, innovation and product development, process design, customer relationship management, green supply chain, logistics, technology adoption, managing information system, quality control, performance measurement, etc. Further, through this integration, we expect to contribute in a comprehensive way particularly for academics, organizations, and society.

Our mission is to provide operations knowledge to young scientists and technologists to become leaders in their working places with working knowledge and competence of applying the knowledge to find effective solutions to problems in the field, and contribute significantly to society through service activities and research publications.

Body of Knowledge

Research Roadmap

Operations Strategy and Sustainability
Supply Chain Strategy
Quality Management
Technology and Information System
Performance Management


Head: Prof. Dr. Ir. Dermawan Wibisono, M.Eng.