Business Strategy and Marketing Interest Group was established in 2004 following the establishment of the school. The group has three clusters namely Business Strategy, Marketing, and International Business.

A. Research Cluster

Business Strategy Cluster
Business Strategy cluster seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the formulation and implementation of business strategy in both local and international contexts. The cluster deals with business issues that become the utmost concern of top management in companies, such as sustainable competitive advantage, dynamic capabilities, competitive and cooperative strategies, organization resources, and key success factors to win the competition. The level of analysis can vary, by looking from the individual perspective in an organization or by seeing the organization as a collective entity operating in a larger system of relations.

Marketing Cluster
The Marketing cluster has a goal to advance our understanding of customer behavior and its implications to marketing strategy. Research areas covered by this cluster are customer and shopper behavior, branding, neuromarketing, marketing strategy, service marketing, and customer experience. Furthermore, this cluster concerns the identification of attractive market opportunities and threats and the forecasting of future trends in business areas of interest. The context of the study includes both Business to Consumer and Business to Business settings.

International Business cluster
The cluster of International Business addresses the concern of international, transnational, multinational, and global companies. The members actively engaged in the analysis of international business contexts. They aim to bring the knowledge of global competition, emerging markets, foreign market entry modes, foreign direct investment, cross-border cooperation, and so on to society. The cluster is also interested in issues concerning international cooperation such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, and technology transfer.

B. Research topics

Business strategy

  • Strategic management
  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Inclusive business digital ecosystem platform
  • Government policy research for inclusive business production and trading
  • Investment Management
  • Digital Readiness Measurement
  • Cooperatives and SME’s Business Strategy
  • Sport and Entertainment Management


  • Collaborative Consumption, Co-Creation, and Personalization
  • Acculturation of global consumer culture
  • Popular culture, marketing, and consumer storytelling
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Digital Retailing and Omnichannel Retailing
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Digital public relations
  • Branding strategy
  • Brand co-creation and co-recovery
  • Services marketing
  • Service co-recovery
  • Mobile marketing
  • Neuromarketing in food and beverage, tourism and games
  • Emotional evoke
  • Sustainable business and consumption
  • Inter-island trading channel in Indonesia
  • Visual communication design
  • Promotion & media planning
  • Packaging design management
  • Servicescape management
  • Marketing halal
  • Technology adoption and commercialization
  • Business-to-business marketing
  • Consumer behavior and online communities
  • Choice modeling
  • Travel behavior
  • Transport planning
  • Technology-Enabled Services (i.e. service robots, chatbots, wearable device, financial technology)
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Halal Tourism

International business

  • International business and trade
  • Trading houses for geographical identity agricultural products
  • Global Fashion Marketing

Research Roadmap



Head: Harimukti Wandebori, MBA, Ph.D.